Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My own 23

I believe our Library Branch will profit from our new found knowledge of web 2.0. Our patrons are always wanting a list of the books that they have checked out and read. We can now refer them to Library thing for that reference. We have a big crowd for children's hour every week. We can take pictures and post them either on flicker, facebook or our blog and let family from far away and family who is home bound see the pictures of our growing, learning children. Google doc is another thing that I have already refereed my daughter to use when she could not get a program to work by e-mail. She sent it from one store to the other and was able to open and manipulate the program. She is now singing my praise for my "web knowledge". Wiki is one thing that I have used for years and the more people I tell about it the bigger it gets. I feel that our Library and beyond has been influenced by the "23 things" I have learned. I hope I can make a difference in someone Else's life the way that this learning experience has made a difference in mine.


I have learned so much about the web by doing these 23 things. I am now a serious "facebooker". I have reconnected with so many classmates and friends from my past. I have had fun posting pictures and writing my thoughts, ideas and dreams on all of the things from blogspot to thing 23. I started this program with such reluctance and am ending it with hesitation of the fun being over. I will continue to practice many of the things that I have learned. I will not be as reluctant to try new things on the web and be more open minded about changes in the computer world from this time out. I believe that my Library has learned and grown in leaps and bounds since the start of the 23 things. We have had fun learning and it has been nice having each other to tell our difficulties and successes with the 23 things. I believe we have all grown and been influenced by the web 2.0.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I think that p0dcast can be very helpful for our Library. I will be handy for downloading books and helping the elderly and homebound get information. This will be a internet web 2.0 "thing", that will be very helpful and useful in the future.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I use youtube all the time to find music that I have heard on the radio. I did not find anything that interesting in the library sites. I do have good luck finding random things that I am looking for. I don't see youtube being much of a tool for the Library right now.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Google doc

This is a really interesting concept. It was really easy to sign up for and I will use it in the future. My husband will love this because he will not have to buy Microsoft works for me or excel. I will enjoy using this program with several people. My father and I tend to write some and we are constantly sending each other copies of what our newest write is and making comment back and forth. This will be useful to us and I can save my writing without worries of losing it if I have hard drive failure. I think this will really be useful to our patrons because they obviously do not have home computers and need a program that they can get to from any computer. My web link to this thing is


I am an official Wiki master. I love wikipedia because it is a constant reference for anything that you want to know. I have used it for a teaching tool with my children and myself for several years. I enjoyed the second part of wiki because, I got to say a little bit about myself and the things I love. I think that wikipedia can be a wonderful tool for the Library because if you can't find what you are looking for in a book you can always find it on Wikipedia!! If we were to show our patrons how to get to this sight I think they would really enjoy the extra information that they would find on whatever subject they are in the Library looking for.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Libworm beta

Signed up. This is not my thing. This could be a fun thing for us to show our patrons how to do. I found it to be too much like the last thing that I did. It was very easy to sign up for and could be a good concept for the right person.